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On behalf of the Board of Commissioners and staff, we welcome you to our site.  Thank You for visiting.

You can now report an issue to your County Government.
Click Here for details and to submit a Citizen Request to us.  This allows us to communicate with you and to work more efficiently and effectively.

Public Announcements.

Upson County Ordinances available and searchable on-line!
You can now search and view the Upson County Code Book from this site.  Click here to begin your search.  This feature is also available from the Quick Links section in the right hand frame of this page, the Bulding/Zoning department page, and the Finance/Admin department page on this site.
Coming soon!  Pay your county utility bills online.
Very soon you will have the ability to pay your county water bill and sanitation bill online.  You will also have the choice to receive your bill by email rather than a paper bill.  Please check back to see when this service will be available.

What is the Citizen Alert Notification System and how do I sign up?
The Upson County Board of Commissioners would like to introduce to its citizens a new "Citizen Alert Notification System".  This system is designed to contact all citizens in the event of an emergency (severe weather, etc.) or certain non-emergency situations such as road closures, utility outages, etc..  The success of this program relies on YOU.  Please sign up (opt-in) and provide current contact information in order that you may receive alert notifications by the method you choose.  All citizens that have a land line telephone will receive Emergency alerts automatically without having to sign up but you must sign up if you want to receive any non-emergency notifications or add/change the method in which you are contacted (cell phone, text message, email, etc.).  Your information will be kept strictly confidential and there is absolutely no cost to you to sign up or to receive notifications.  Click HERE for more information and to begin the sign up process.

Committed to Industry

Upson County has a Speculative Building ready to be customized to your industry needs.  See More...

Upson County has always been known for Industry.  Prior to the War Between the States, Upson County was known for its schools and railroad. After the war, Upson County rebuilt as a center for agriculture and textiles. The area continues to flourish in manufacturing.  Upson County lies approximately 60 miles south of Atlanta, 45 miles west of Macon and 50 miles east of Columbus. Please visit the Thomaston-Upson  Industrial Development Authority website.

Natural Beauty

Outdoor Life