Aug 14

Happy Hill Area

Posted on August 14, 2020 at 12:38 PM by Jamesan Gramme

Did you know our holdings are reliant on the donations of others?
For the most part, our records only cover what has been donated to us. Sometimes we come across subjects in which we have less documentation, such as the Happy Hill neighborhood in East Thomaston. If you happen to have photographs, lists of businesses and/or families that occupied the area, or even an oral history covering the area, please consider donating to the Archives! We’re here to share the history of the community for generations to come!
Here’s a short extract describing Happy Hill from Mr. Joe White’s booklet, “Then & Now.”
Happy Hill Area (Now called Drake Heights)
“This location…located north of Bethel Street across the railroad. There was one grocery store owned by M.G. Worthy on Mumford Street. Mr. Worthy was also an educator and principal for the Lincoln Park School, a leader in the community. One motel (was) owned by Andrew Johnson on Holsey Street. Johnson salon (was located) on Drake Alley. Thomaston Training School was located on Happy Hill until they built Drake High School. All black children attended Starr Colored School until 1939, when Thomaston Training School was built.
Streets on Happy Hill: Mumford Street, Drake Ave., Brown Ave., Fagan Lane, Holsey Street, Day Street, Gibson Street, Davis Street
Happy Hill was torn down in 1968, 1969, and 1970 and moved to Triune Mill Rd. Happy Hill was renamed Drake Heights by Rev. Edwin Cliburn and rebuilt in 1975 and 1976.” HillCunninghamStore The following photograph was taken by Dr. R.L. Carter in the 1960's. Happy Hill Area.
Mar 25

Fun resources to try at home

Posted on March 25, 2020 at 9:48 AM by Jamesan Gramme

Here's some fun local history, accessible straight from your living room! Check out our Additional Resources page on the Upson County Website,

We have links to digitized Georgia newspapers and much more!

Want to see what the courthouse square looked like between 1885-1921, try the Sanborn Maps of Thomaston. The image I've included is a snippet from the 1890 map. Parents, this would be a great time to explain how to read a map to your little ones. (Compass is included in the original, larger image)

Notice the four mule sheds on the south and east sides of the square! No wonder Thomaston was said to be the mule capital.

Another helpful resource linked to this page is Familysearch, if you're wanting to work on your genealogy. Membership is required, but it is free! The site contains many collections such as Georgia Probate records by county, and WWI WWII draft cards.

2020-03-25-Courthouse Square-Sanborn

Mar 24

Rural Electrification in Upson

Posted on March 24, 2020 at 4:33 PM by Jamesan Gramme

Here's something to be thankful about while home bound: rural electricity!

Thanks to the Rural Electrification Administration, a New Deal project under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, some 400 people of Upson County began to receive electricity in their homes. A first for many!

(Thomaston Times, April 2, 1937)

It was all thanks to a staggering light bill received by FDR, when staying at his Georgia home, The Little White House. The bill was said to be four times greater than those he received in New York.

FDR in GA: Georgia Encyclopedia