Since 1968 the Upson Historical Society has collected and preserved items of local history. Members organized an archives in a small courthouse room in 1987 providing researchers access to newspapers, early government records, and genealogical files. Before long it became apparent that a larger and more efficient facility was needed.

As the Archives came closer to reality, guidance was provided by local archives within the state and The Georgia Department of Archives and History. In 1994, the Society's efforts, with the cooperation and funding assistance of the City of Thomaston, the County of Upson, and the Thomaston-Upson Board of Education, resulted in the establishment of the present facility.

These three entities along with the Upson Historical Society provide funding for the Archives, which opened in April 1996. By working together, they have undertaken the task of cutting local government cost while preserving vital permanent records of the citizens of Thomaston and Upson County.

The Thomaston-Upson Archives is housed in the former R. E. Lee Institute high school library, named the George A. Harrison Memorial Library. Professor Harrison was principal of R. E. Lee Institute from 1879-1886.

This Georgian-style building was designed by the architectural firm of Saggus, Williamson, Vaught, and Spiker of Atlanta, Georgia. Land for the library was given by Julian Hightower. In 1968, Community Enterprises, Inc., a foundation of Thomaston Mills, Inc., funded the construction of the library and three decades later furnished the Archives.



Penny Cliff