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Jan 04

Frozen Fountain

Posted on January 4, 2019 at 8:48 AM by Jamesan Stuckey

Here's a throwback to our fountain, one year ago today. So thankful it's not that cold now!
Dec 28

Hermione Hannah and the Pickled Pear

Posted on December 28, 2018 at 2:34 PM by Jamesan Stuckey

The next time you visit the The Pickled Pear on 200 N. Hightower St. remember that it was once the site of a police standoff!

It was late August, 1963. Hermione Hannah was living in her old family home, likely because she was the eldest child of Mr. Jefferson Davis Hannah, the former owner. (Her younger sister Evelyn was a well-known novelist with works such as Blackberry Winter and Sugar in the Gourd.) 

It was a Wednesday morning when city workmen set out to cut down two large trees, a pecan and an oak, which happened to border Hannah’s yard. They were on the City of Thomaston’s property and were growing between the street curb and the paved sidewalk. It wasn’t until after one of the city’s men made his way up the first of the trees when Hermione Hannah stepped out of the house with her .22 rifle. She wasn’t going to simply let the men cut them down... 

After the city police as well as the sheriff’s deputies arrived, Hannah finally put the rifle away saying, “I can’t stay out here all day.” Sheriff’s Deputy, Roy Blount, still needed to take the rifle as Ms. Hannah had threatened the city workers. An article in the following week of the Thomaston Times noted that it hadn’t been loaded. In a few hours the trees came down. Afterwards there was only one left to shade Hermione’s home. 

(Thomaston Times, August 29, 1963)


Just one of the interesting stories you can find here at the Archives.

Dec 21

Upson Courthouse - 110th Birthday

Posted on December 21, 2018 at 11:17 AM by Jamesan Stuckey

Happy birthday to the Upson County Courthouse!! It was 110 years ago today when court was held for the first time in the new building. The current courthouse is the third in Upson’s history and was built for $60,000.

The first courthouse was built between 1826-1828 and stood until 1852. At that point it was observed that “cracks were appearing in the walls of the building to such an alarming extent that it was deemed necessary to tear the court house down…” (The Early History of Upson County by Nottingham & Hannah) While some brick from the original courthouse was included in the second, it’s 2nd story was made of wood. This building stood from 1852 until around May 1908 when construction on the current structure began.


Thomaston Times, December 18th, 1908

Upson's third courthouse, ca. 1920's, Historical Photos Collection, Thomaston-Upson Archives