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Jan 17

1884 Autograph Book

Posted on January 17, 2020 at 9:55 AM by Jamesan Gramme

Pictured is an autograph book, dated January-December, 1884.

2020-01-16-Mollie Parham _Autograph_01

Measuring about 3” by 5” this small booklet was a popular choice for college students to obtain well wishes and sentiments from their professors and classmates between the 15th and 19th centuries. They were eventually replaced by the more modern yearbooks.

This particular autograph book was given to Ms. Mollie Parham of Thomaston. Inside, pages of poetic prose authored by Mollie’s cousins contain wishes for her health and happiness. Parham’s future husband, Thomas Parham Nelson, made two entries in the booklet as well. The first reads, “Each autograph the signet be of some truehearted friend; The memory of whose genial soul will ever sunshine lend.”

Cousin Etta McFarlin wrote, “May the roses of happiness ever grow in the garden of thy destiny.”

My favorite comes from Emma Jorden Middlebrooks. “May heaven its choisest (sic) blessing send, to cheer thy day my Dearest Cousin. May you be blessed with mind serene, to see what is and what has been. Nothing be wanting the good may want. All this and more may Heaven send.” May 17th, 1884.

2020-01-16-Mollie Parham _Autograph_02

Sadly, Mrs. Mollie Parham Nelson passed away at the young age of 34 on January 9th, 1895. She is buried in the Nelson Cemetery in Upson.

This unique autograph and portrait of Mollie are just two things you can come across when you visit the Archives!

2020-01-16-Mollie Parham _Autograph_03