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Upson County Citizens' Academy Application

  1. Upson County Citizens' Academy Application

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    1. The Citizens’ Academy is an interactive program designed to familiarize the general public with the roles, services and operations that comprise Upson County Government. The program will focus on educating residents, business owners, and interested persons who work in Upson County on how daily County Government operations contribute to building a better community.

  4. Citizens' Academy Application
  5. Which district do you live or work in?*
  6. If needed, you may click the link below to find your district on the interactive map.

    We can help you identify your district at the first meeting if you are unsure or you cannot find it on the map.

    Click here to view the District Map

    Please note:  You will be primarily contacted through email concerning your participation in the  Upson County Citizens' Academy.

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